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OCM Services

OCM is a registered investment advisor     providing daily, active trading and portfolio management for accredited investors with $1MM-$10MM of invested assets.

(CRD #: 147812.)

We specialize in trading options in the equity, bond, currency & 

commodity markets. 

Coming Events

OCM is visiting Wilmington, North Carolina in mid-August, to explore opportunities to serve new clients. 

Important Notices

OCM 2018 Firm Brochure

OCM Code of Conduct and Ethics

OCM Pre-Registration Notice

OCM Suitability Questionnaire

Promotional Deals

There are no current promotional opportunities available to new clients.

The Big News

Our Leeward Portfolio Series is now active for investors who wish to guard against major market corrections.   Contact us for more information about our 

Leeward Portfolios. 


Q. How long has Oasis Capital Management LLC been in operation?

A. OCM was approved for registration in the July of 2008.  

Q. Where is OCM apporved to conduct service?

A.  OCM is permitted to conduct services in all 50 states, but holds specific registration in the Commonwealth's of Pennsylvania & Virginia. 

Q. What experience does OCM provide?

A. Thomas J. Robertson, Managing Partner and Principle Trader received his General Securities License -Series 7 in 1994, Investment Adviser -Series 65 in 1997.   Tom studied Point & Figure Technical trading from 2001-2008 & option premium selling from 2012-Present.