A Registered Investment Advisor for Accredited Investors

Option Traders

A Registered Advisor to Accredited Investors 

who seek new, proven, profitable strategies for 

active, liquid, risk-mitigated, capital management

why oasis

Strategic Option Trading


No Coin Flipping Here

  • Profitable investing no longer requires 50-50 coin flips.  

  • There are  far more profitable opportunities on either side of a trade or by just being neutral.   

  • Since no one truly knows which direction a stock may move, we rely on proven probability mathematics, which allows us to calculate the probability of profit (POP) before we invest. 

  • Would you prefer a 70% or 85%  probability of profit as opposed to the financial industry's far less competitive 50%, one -direction program?

*Ask us to share our 5 year track record & trading data.

Investor Ambitions


Increasing Cash Balances not  only Account Values

  • Investments are primarily temporary holdings for future cash expenditures.

  • While Total Asset Value is important, true gains are realized by the increase in liquidity/cash.

  • Data research concludes - allocating 40%-60% of capital offers the optimum risk/reward performance over the long term.  (+10 years)

  • Being 100% invested - 100% of the time, in one-direction, offers no more strategic advantage than betting everything on black or red.

*Data provided by tastytrade Market Study 2005-2018) 

Private Service


Specifically Tailored Portfolios 

  • Each client portfolio is designed & managed according to capital risk & targeted cash returns. 

  • We are traders, actively engaged in the equity markets every day, utilizing specific, proven, option trading mechanics. 

  • We are NOT financial planners, tax advisers, insurance agents or estate planners.

  • We never alleviate the responsibility of investing to mutual funds or a "wealth management team"  

  • Technically, we trade at the institutional level using advanced trading platforms that are second only to HFTs (high frequency trading firms) systems.