A Registered Investment Advisor for Accredited Investors

Option Traders

We are actively engaged in US equity markets everyday, trading individually custom fit portfolios to reduce capital-at-risk.

why oasis

High Probability Trading

No Coin Flipping Here

  • Profitable investing no longer requires 50-50 coin flips.  There are opportunities to make money on either side or just staying neutral.   Ask us about Delta Neutral  vs. one-directional strategies.

  • Insurance actuaries rely on mathematics to calculate the probability of loss. 

  • Option traders harness those same formulas to identify probability of profit or high probability trades.  (Ask us to share our considerable track record & trading data.) 

High Liquidity + High ROI

Increasing Net Liquidity

  • Every investor should demand a more logical approach to capital at risk.   Being 100% invested - 100% of the time is no different to betting everything on black or red.

  • tastytrade market data research (2005-2018) concludes - allocating 40% of capital offers the optimum risk/reward performance over the long term.  (Greater than 10 years.)

Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

  • OCM mechanics allow us to close over 73% of our trades between  25-50% of max profit.  

Personal Attention

Custom Fit Portfolios 

  • Each client portfolio is managed according to capital-at-risk & targeted cash returns utilizing very specific, proven, option trading mechanics. 

  • We are traders, actively engaged in the equity markets every day.  We are NOT financial planners, tax advisers, insurance agents or estate planners.

  • We don't alleviate the responsibility of investing to mutual funds or a "wealth management team"...what ever that is?  

  • Technically, we trade at the institutional level using advanced trading platforms that are second only to HFTs (high frequency trading firms) systems.