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Enabling Private Family Business Owners fulfill current & legacy investment growth ambitions via strategic option trading.

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What is Strategic Option Trading?


Reverse Gamma 


  • Profitable investing no longer requires picking a direction.  

  • We design trades to capture revenue from selling short option premium.   

  • It's sounds complicated but it's not.  We combined  high probability math with active trade management mechanics to target 25-50% of Max Profit in over 83% of our trades.  (*2018 unaudited trade results).  

  • Your portfolio assets are managed for high liquidity and reduced capital risk.  Discover how to access OCM's next level investing.  Contact us to receive our free video:  "The Not-So Hidden Secrets of Profitable Investing".

*Ask us to share our 5 year track record & trading data.

The Importance of Growing Cash Balances


Our Focus is Increasing

 Your Cash Balances 

Not Just Account Values

  • Investments are primarily temporary holdings for future cash expenditures.

  • While Total Asset Value is important, Realized  Gains are measured by the increase in cash/ liquidity.

  • Data Research* concludes allocating 30%- 60% of capital offers the optimum risk/ reward  performance over the long term.  (+10 years)

  • Being 100% invested - 100% of the time, in one-direction, offers no more strategic advantage than betting everything on black or red.

*Research provided by tastytrade Data Research 2018) 

When is Private Service Truly Custom?


Intentionally Tailored 


  • Each client portfolio is designed & managed according to capital risk & targeted cash returns. 

  • We are traders, actively engaged in the equity markets every day, utilizing specific, proven, option trading  math & mechanics. 

  • We are NOT financial planners, tax advisers, insurance agents or estate planners.

  • We never alleviate the responsibility of investing to mutual funds or a "wealth management team"  

  • Technically, we trade at the institutional level using advanced trading platforms that are  as advanced as HFTs (high frequency trading firms) systems.